Carers and residents raise £615 for the Alzheimer’s Society

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During the coronavirus lockdown one of the employees of Springlawn House lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s. This personal tradgedy led her to start a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society. What began as a personal endevaour grew when the rest of the staff at Springlawn said they would like to be involved and then clients added their support.

Springlawn House staff and residents set off on a three mile walk on the 15th August, taking in the scenery off the backroads and returning to a celebratory BBQ at Springlawn House afterwards.

One of the carers, Seamus raised an impressive £200 on his own for this charity which is close to the hearts of everyone at Springlawn House.


Springlawn House would like to thank all the staff, residents, residents’ families and everyone in the community who so generously donated towards this wonderful cause.