Springlawn House Visiting Policy – Updated Sept 2020

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Following guidance issued by the Department of Health in July, Springlawn Nursing Home reviewed our suspension of visiting and we aim to support our residents to see their families again in person. However, due to new Government guidelines in September 2020, visitor numbers are now reduced from two people to one person per resident. This is to minimise the risk of other households mixing when attending visits.

In addition, we have reviewed our appointments and have reduced the number of appointments available each day to maintain safety of clients and ensure ongoing thorough cleaning. All visits must be booked in advance – we must all adhere to the home policy of restricted visiting times to allow deep cleaning of the area used following each visit

No window visits (downstairs clients) will be allocated and any requests for visiting must be arranged by following the home policy

It is important to note that all of our residents remain in the high risk category from COVID 19 (Coronavirus) due to age, and medical conditions, therefore our visits will be phased, strictly managed and reviewed daily in accordance with guidance and the wellbeing of residents. Please see video below to explain what to expect when you get here.

Springlawn has carefully considered how we can implement visiting as safely as possible, our policy has been developed following a thorough risk assessment of the nursing home with the aim to minimise the risk of infection, and ensure the safety of our residents, staff, visitors and outer public as much as possible.

The following policy will be effective from week commencing Wednesday 22nd July – updated on 24th September – and provides all information you need to know as a visitor.

Principles for Visiting:

Where possible virtual visiting remains the preferred option as this will support in reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Our face to face visits MUST be pre arranged to reduce the number of people entering the home and to allow for adequate cleaning between visits. Our prearranged visits must be booked via telephone which will allow you to make an appointment for the next available visiting slot. Please note visiting slots cannot be block booked this is to ensure all residents have an opportunity to receive visitors.

When booking your visiting slot you will be asked to complete our screening questionnaire. Upon your arrival you will then be asked to sign this form declaring all information remains unchanged and we will also record your temperature at this point.

Visits will now be restricted to one designated visitor for no more than 30minutes (this will be reviewed weekly).

Visitors must wear face masks that they must provide themselves and masks must be in place before entering the home.

No visitors under the age of 16 will be permitted and only in exceptional circumstances will children be granted visits.

You are asked not bring anything with you into the home, such as food parcels, presents, etc unless discussed with the nurse manager following a thorough risk assessment, this is to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Protocol on Arrival:

The visitor must go to the front door to make staff aware they have arrived, please do not make your way into the home ring the bell and wait for a staff member to come to you. At the front door visitors must sign their screening questionnaire and a staff member will also check and record your temperature.

The side entrance is now our designated visiting area, so you will be redirected to enter this area via the side door eliminating footfall through the nursing home.

Visitors must only enter when their mask is in place and they must use the hand sanitizer provided upon entering the visiting room.

If visitors wish to discuss the well being of the resident with the manager or nurse in charge, please do this via telephone, this will ensure visiting time is maximised with your loved one.

The visitor’s room has screen protection in place to accommodate social distancing and reduce the spread of infection and visits may require supervision depending on the residents needs.

Toilet facilities cannot be used by visitors; again this is to reduce the spread of infection.

Protocol on Departure

Staff will make you aware when visiting time is over, you must use the hand sanitizer provided before you leave and please ensure you keep your mask in place until you have left the building

You will exit from the same door you entered.

Additional Visiting Arrangements

Should a resident wish to have a visit from a Minister of Faith, an agreed and pre-arranged visit can be accommodated. This visit will not be counted as or replace a resident’s scheduled visit with family/friends. Visiting Ministers of Faith must adhere to the detail of the care home’s visiting policy.

End of Life Visiting

Families must seek permission in advance from the nurse in charge to visit end of life residents in their own room.

The nurse in charge will complete a thorough risk assessment to ensure it is complexly safe to allow this visit. The capacity of family to provide informed consent relating to the risks associated with visiting will be taken into account as will the capacity of the patient to receive visitors.

If visiting is then approved by the nurse in charge suitable times for visiting will be discussed, only one visitor will be permitted at a time for an agreed amount of time. The nursing home may limit the frequency of visits, duration of visits, or numbers of visitors in accordance with the risk to other patients, other care staff, or other practical considerations in the care home.

In all cases, visitors must agree to undertake all actions ad precautions issued by the nursing home for visiting and end of life visiting. Any decision to deny visiting rights will be made following a risk assessment and which will be communicated clearly with the resident and their family members/friends.

Our visitor’s policy will remain under constant review and we will continue to update you on any changes.

A Special Note of Thanks

This has been an extremely difficult period for everyone and we at Springlawn Nursing Home greatly appreciate how supportive you have been and we fully comprehend that you want to see your loved one as soon as possible. We ask for your patience on our phased visiting approach as our number one priority is the safety of our residents.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you once again for your continued support.

For enquiries please call +44 28 8224 4550 or email: springlawn@hotmail.com

In the meantime, you can view this VISITORS GUIDE VIDEO so you know what to expect when you get here: