Thumbs Up for Springlawn Safety and Residents Wellbeing

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staff and residents eating

Springlawn House is delighted with inspection findings that we prioritise safety compliance and resident’s wellbeing. Springlawn House manager Clara Robinson says she is very happy with the results of the unannounced RQIA inspection . The Department of Health entrusts RQIA (the Regulation & Quality Improvement Authority) to continue responding to ongoing areas of risk identified in care homes. So, this is why unannounced inspections are carried out, Clara explains.   

Springlawn House RQIA Report  

“We are both proud and relieved that we have had no Covid deaths in our homes and weve also had no symptomatic cases, from staff or clients.” 

At Springlawn we have prioritised maintaining the highest safety standards to protect our residents. So, we are delighted that this work is recognised in the RQIA report.”  

The report also states that: “areas of good practice were found in relation to teamwork, staff support, feedback from patients and the pleasant atmosphere and ambience of the home.”  

Residents’ Experience  

The Inspector, Mr. John McAuley found that, “feedback from patients throughout this inspection was positive and complimentary in regard to their life in the home, their relationship with staff and the provision of meals.”  

Mr. McAuley’s report stated, “Staff interactions with patients were polite, friendly, warm and supportive. Patients were at ease in their environment and interactions with staff”  

“There was a pleasant atmosphere throughout the home, with patients enjoying chat with staff. Staff were attentive and patients’ expression of needs were promptly responded to by staff.”  

What Residents Say about Springlawn House  

We loved these comments from residents which were in the report: 

 “They (staff) are all too kind to me.”  

“I am very happy here. They (staff) couldn’t do enough for you. They (staff) are lovely and kind. The food is lovely too. I have no complaints.”  

“Everything is very good here.”  

“You won’t find much wrong with here. All is grand, as far as I can see.”  

“There’s a nice atmosphere here.”  

“All is very good here. I am very happy.”  

 Cleanliness and Safety at Springlawn House  


 The report stressed the measures Springlawn has introduced to ensure patient and staff safety.   

“The environment was clean and tidy while staff demonstrated a good understanding of infection, prevention and control measures in place. Feedback from patients evidenced that they were very satisfied with the standard of care being provided.”  

“Staff were knowledgeable in relation to best practice guidance with regard to hand hygiene and use of personal protective equipment; staff were also observed to wash their hands and use alcohol gels at appropriate times.”  

The report noted the safety measures Springlawn has put in place to deal with the pandemic. Including good signage outlining advice and information about COVID-19, adequate PPE and alcohol-based hand sanitisers 

 “Laminated posters depicting the seven stages of handwashing were also displayed. The laundry department was tidy and well organised.”  

Patient-centred Safety Measures  

“Patients were all being cared for in their individual bedrooms and staff were knowledgeable of the need for social distancing and isolation of patients, when appropriate.”  

The report also found that staff had communicated the need for additional safety precautions to residents.  

“Discussions with some patients in relation to the enhanced IPC measures, confirmed that they understood and accepted the need for these.”  

A Homely Environment  

The report praised the cleanliness and comfort of Springlawn House.   

“The home was clean and tidy throughout; the décor and furnishings were also well maintained. Residents’ bedrooms were comfortable and personalised through individual choice. Bathrooms and toilet facilities were clean and hygienic. The grounds of the home were exceptionally well maintained.”  

“An activities co-ordinator facilitated a small group of patients in a game of bingo and later attended to other patients on a one to one basis.”  

Staff Satisfaction at Springlawn House 

Mr. McAuley found that staff on duty confirmed that they were satisfied with the staffing levels.   

“Staff spoke positively about their roles and duties, the provision of training, managerial support, teamwork and morale. Staff also stated that they felt patients received a good standard of care, were treated with respect and dignity.”  

The report noted that, “Throughout the inspection, patients within the home were attended to by staff in a prompt and respectful manner.”  

 “Patients stated that they felt safe and that there was always staff available if they required assistance.” 

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